Empowering Mothers

In conscious parenting we’re  present with our children, and react to every situation with understanding and empathy. Without labels, judgement or shaming. 

Hi Beautiful,

If you’re anything like me you feel like parenting is a crazy, busy, wonderful time in our life. You want our children to grow up confident, happy and healthy of course.

By becoming a mom you have the opportunity to learn and grow with your kids.
They can give you the strength to speed up the journey of personal growth. You have a chance to get rid of limiting beliefs that you’ve been carrying through life.

It is an important transformation, because without this work you will pass your baggage to your kids by your behavior and language patterns. In order to raise kids who will be able to change the world we need to be conscious of our inheritance of beliefs.

We want to be the best moms for them, but kids often trigger our suppressed emotions, making us confront our fears.



You can find ourself impulsively reacting to their behavior instead of controlling your actions and words. Trust me I’ve been there.
You can use these events as an opportunity to overcome limiting thought patterns. you can learn about your own and our kids behaviour and how to handle them.



The goal of parenting is not to eliminate all obstacles before they arise.The goal is to prepare our children to handle them when they arise.

Parenting Quote Carl Jung
Parenting quote Eckhart Tolle

I help you get clear on what you want to teach to your kids, and how you can teach by your actions and not by lectures. 

There is no quick fix in parenting. It took me about two years to stop doing what was not working and start working on myself to become a better mom. I’m still facing different blocks and triggers  in every stage of my child’s development.


Every kid and parent is different, there is no one fit all solution. By parenting consciously and working on yourself,  you will be empowered. You don’t have to change, convince or nag people anymore because you have full control over You and that is all you need.


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My name is Julianna I’m a parenting coach and my passion is to support mothers to raise confident, resilient, responsible and happy kids.

I support you to be more consistent and productive in parenting and your daly life. You can have more order, predictability and calmness in your days.
I work with you to understand your child’s behaviour and your reactions so your responses can be confident.

As a result your children will manage stress better, they will understand themselves and others and be able to build deep connections. Kids will have the freedom to be them self and have fewer limiting beliefs. 

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