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It is very important to create a home where everyone can feel safe to be themselves, where family members can talk about anything without being judged, somewhere to relax, a place where the family wants to hang out.


Do you feel good when you arrive home after working all day or when you’ve been at home all day? Do you find your home a sanctuary to relax or does it feel like a second shift at work? How do your kids feel when they come home? Are they hyper and demanding or do they feel calm and ready to slow down? Does your teenager like to be at home or does he/she escape as often as possible?


Here are 5 ideas for making your home feel great. I use these myself and with my clients as a parenting coach.




Disorganized areas and clutter drains your energy. Visual chaos keeps you on high alert and acts as a reminder to get busy working on your To Do list. It sends a subconscious message that you shouldn’t be relaxing; but your should get going and finish your housework. 


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