Children are here to teach us how to release our ego
and embrace our authentic self. 


I clearly knew how to parent before I became one.
I aimed to be a good mother. Someone who never loses her temper, is able to play the same game for hours with enthusiasm, who never allows her child to consume sugary sweets, never puts him in front of the TV screen, and so on.  

The well-meaning expectations I had, were unrealistic and did nothing but increase my feelings of stress and guilt as days went by. Moms are coming to me with the same kind of feelings.

I am very sensitive to suffering, especially when I see a child suffering. Early on in my parenting journey I realized how much suffering I was unconsciously inflicting on my child, others around me, and myself. And that realization motivated me to change. 

I started to read, listen and implement everything I could in my daily life and in parenting. Despite all the books I read I found myself continually looking for another book to help me get things right – because I always felt like something was still missing. I had learned all the skills, but I was still falling short trying to implement them at the most crucial times.

Than it dawned on me that it was all about the beliefs that I was hanging onto. Those needed to change; the beliefs I held about my child, everyday events, and myself. 

Similar to people who try every way possible to loose weight, who go on every diet, most people have tons of knowledge on what to do, but their mindset is what prevents them from succeeding or maintaining their weight loss long term. 

Change did not come fast for me, which was frustrating because I felt like I was running out of time since my son was growing so rapidly.

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 I never gave up. I failed a lot and than kept going, and I still keep going. Is my son perfect? Am I perfect? NO we are not! He still acts up and I sometimes lose my cool and yell.  

With every age and every stage there comes a new challenge. So, please don’t assume that I do everything perfectly, far from it. We are all on this journey together. 

Through motherhood I’ve learned so much about myself, my nature, and my beliefs. I walked this road and tried everything I teach now.  



As a mother you’re the foundation
of your child’s psyche.


Besides my own personal journey, what else makes me qualified to coach you?  

I used to clean homes for a living, and in 2006 my husband and I created the first Eco Friendly cleaning company in the U.S. 

Working as a cleaning lady I was able to observe a lot of different parenting styles and how each one affected the kids. The people I cleaned for were from all walks of life; they were hard working families, single parents and very wealthy business owners.

Most of them had young children at the time I was hired and I continued working for them for 4,5, and 6 years. Some parents where very strict, some let their kids do anything they pleased, and others were somewhere in between. I was able to watch these kids grow into adolescence and clearly saw how the type of parenting they received affected them. While I learned a lot from all those books I read, these first-hand observations were invaluable.

For eight years I’ve spent more than 4000 hours to study books and lectures of the best English and Hungarian teachers on topics like psychology, spirituality, theology, sociology and personal growth. My European upbringing brings a different perspective and understanding in my coaching.

I am also certified as a coach by the coaching school of Anthony Robbins and Chloe Maddens and was personally coached by Chloe. 

I love helping mothers because I know it is not easy and a huge responsibility to raise human beings.
We’re raising the next generation.  Kids look up to us without judgment and they naturally copy our behavior. I will help you to learn how to model the behavior you want them to copy. The behaviour that benefits them in the future and benefits you right now. 

Facts about me: 

I am a soup fanatic. I can eat soup every day (see my Pinterest soup board)  
Raccoons are my favourite animals. 
I can’t drink alcohol because it makes me sleepy and boring. I am more fun without it.
I love to declutter and organize  

What I value most:

Personal Growth
Open mindedness
And the lives of every creature on this planet 

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