What is coaching? And how it is different from psychotherapy?

As coaches we work with individuals who want to get better in certain areas of their life. Helps you understand, declutter and prioritize the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Just like a sports coach; where the players have a goal, a desire and passion and their coach helps them get better at playing, and in exploring future possibilities. Sport coaching is the most commonly known type of coaching, but other forms are based on the same principles. The easiest way to learn something new is by learning from and modeling from someone who is more experienced. Just like kids learn from adults.  


Can I get all this information for free from reading books and going online?

Yes books are great I suggest many book to my clients to read that can compliment my coaching. I offer free help and advice also. If you can do it only from books that is awesome, many moms can do that. I offer help for those who can’t.

I work better if someone keeps me accountable and gives me only the next step to do. Often we can’t see the forest from the trees because of our thoughts and beliefs. Having a personalized map is important on any journey, instead of scattered information. On the journey we often doubt ourself, we resist change, we think there is something wrong with us because we don’t progress as fast as we want to, we want to give up, think we’re doing it wrong.

A coach can help to move forward when those road blocks are stoping you. Help you to move trough shame, anger, fear, self-doubt, self-judgement. 

Also a coach can save you time to reach your goals


Why do you offer only 1:1 coaching?

Right now this is what I find the most effective, but it does not mean I will not offer online courses in the future as an option.

I value personal connection because it makes learning an emotional, human experience. Also you have accountability, that makes you more likely will show up and follow trough.
It’s like when you have a friend who goes to the GYM with you. When you have someone waiting for you it is less likely that you would skip trainingAnother example is how many times we buy a book that we never read, or if we read it, in a few days we forget what was in it?


How much time does it take to get results?

In my 1 hour coaching option you have instant understanding and tools to handle your issues in front of you related to parenting. But it is up to you how much of it you will integrate and practice. 

In my 4 weeks package you will get deeper understanding, but the depth and speed is in your control; how much time and effort you’re willing to put into it. After each session you will feel calm, optimistic, focused, ready to take action. It is up to you to maintain that energy level and to follow trough.

Again, it is like exercising. You can’t lift weights for 2 hours on one day to avoid going to the gym more often and expect to get results faster. You can’t expect to get in shape and lose weight, if you don’t do the work.

To help you to see how it works and how coaching can help you, I offer a  complimentary, no obligation call to all new customers. (You can find the link for the free call on the bottom of the page)

Are you ready?

Your first 45 minutes call is FREE. Schedule it today! 

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