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My goal is to guide you to give your kids positive core beliefs, that helps them to be happy and successful in life.


Positive parenting is great and I love discussing every aspect of it. What I like most is coaching about beliefs. Beliefs are a huge part of our life since subconscious programming causes us to make 90% of our decisions even before our conscious mind determines what we should do.  
This is why I feel it is extremely important to instil in your kids the newest and best “software” available.

Most of the beliefs we hold, which actually run our lives, were developed in childhood. Your child’s brain acts like a sponge before age 7. All brain cells are actively building new neural pathways or strengthening existing pathways with each emotion, experience and interaction your child has. The subconscious mind is storing everything without filtering or questioning its validity because the critical thinking part of the brain has not yet developed. The ability to reason starts developing after age 7 and continues until we reach the mid 20s.  

Instilling core beliefs about themselves, others and the world around them on relationships, success, money, school, competition, fear, their body and so on is critically important. We all have areas in which we feel inadequate. This is true for me even after working on myself for 8 years. I still have “stuff” popping up that I know I need to work on.

Now, in all honesty I am not going to give you a pill or magic wand to fix your beliefs. You have to do this for yourself. But, I can give you the tools and help you understand the process of instilling the best “software” to benefit your child’s future. I can also tell you what to avoid. 

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You can be more consistent in your parenting and be the confident leader your kids need. I can help you to prepare your children to be successful in this fast changing World. They will be able to stay true to themselves. 

With coaching your beliefs will change as well. The ones that are serving you well will strengthen and the others will be replaced. 

I understand if you’re often in reactive mode; that you feel impatient, you feel like you’re not doing enough, you can’t seem to set boundaries and it is hard to stay consistent. I understand all these because I felt the same way. I love my son so much and I was afraid that I would somehow mess him up. 

I just wanted to feel good as a mom and satisfied at the end of the day, instead of feeling guilt and regret. 

So, I decided to educate myself, to test things out and simplify what I determined were the best ways to instil in my child the right beliefs in my role as his parent. That is what I can support you with. 

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modern mom

I coach you to support your child  

To stay balanced is sports and competitions  
To preform in school without stress     
To form healthy friendships and other relationships  
To understand themselves and everyone around them  

You will experience change on yourself at the same time. You will be a calmer, more consistent mom NOT perfect because being perfect is not the goal here. 

For more information about coaching and how it works, visit my Q&A page

I am still learning from you and learning with you.
We’re on this journey together.

In our session(s) we will talk about your habit of words and actions and the possible beliefs they create in your child’s subconscious mind.
You will understand them, and have strategies to change what you don’t like.
You choose the subject that is the most important to you at the moment. It can be beliefs about money, relationships, friendship, divorce, food, body image and so on.

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