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Your Children are watching, become the confident leader they need


You start the day with some coffee and the confident attitude that today you are going to be the calm mom you always envisioned you would be. You are fun, organized, and create loving boundaries. But then your kids spill milk on the carpet for the third time this week because they were jumping on the chair. Again.

And you lose it.

Then you feel awful for losing it, you think, “What is wrong with me??”

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re a modern mom, and need tools in your parenting toolbox and principles to guide you. You don’t have the same village we used to have as mothers.

I want to be in your corner giving you the support you need to consistently be the mother you know you can be. That one you envisioned. You can be more consistent in your parenting and be the confident leader your kids need. I can help you to prepare your children to be successful in this fast changing World. They will be able to stay true to themselves.

You’re the expert in your child’s life and I can help you to systematize your knowledge to be more effective with less stress. There is no quick fix or one solution that fits for all mothers.

We will work together to plan out what you want to teach, and how to teach it. Become conscious of your words, feelings and behavior. Learn how to continually find the best in yourself so you are able to nurture your kids the best possible way. 


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modern mom

By working with me you will:

  • Work to become conscious of your behavior and its origins
  • Design a vision and mission of your ideal parenting 
  • Implement a clear and concrete plan you can follow
  • Be clear on what is imposrtant and what to let go  
  • Become a confident leader 
  • Create strong bonds with your children that will last a lifetime
  • Set limits and enforce them with love
  • Stop worry and guilt and feel good about yourself as a mother 

    Your child will:

  • Be calmer
  • Will be prepared for life’s challenges to handle 
  • Have a strong self-esteem
  • Learn to understand himself, control his emotions and impulses
  • Understand others better

  • Can stand up to pier pressure

  • Will make better choices and understand the consequences

    For more information about coaching and how it works, visit my Q&A page

parental advice
  • Includes 1 – 45 min. positive parenting session, laser focused on a specific problem you have 
  • E-mail follow up and support for 7 days after
  • Written summary and action steps of the call
  • We laser focus on a parenting issue you are struggling with right now
  • Will walk away with ideas, a strategy and self motivation
  • You will be an empowered to handle your parenting challenge
  • You will be more confident

88$ USD

parental advice

In this package I’m not only giving you advices but we systematically go deeper to understand the roots of power struggles and create a plan for you based on your values and the needs of you and your child.

   In 30 days You will: 

  • Learn what beliefs your actions and language pattern creating in your child.
  • Understand your needs and your child’s needs and how to fulfill it
  • See your triggers and understand what is behind them
  • You will confidentially lead and set rules and limits
  • Ease your mom guilt and tension in parenting
  • Get clear on what values you want your kids to adopt 
  • Become more confident so you can model confidence and resilience to your children
  • Learn techniques that help you to accept your emotions and help your kids to become emotionally intelligent adults.


  • 4 – 45 minutes weekly coaching  sessions
  • Written summary of each session with action steps 
  • E-mail support for 30 days in between sessions 
  • Homework, assignments, personal support to help you to integrate what you’ve learned

277$ USD   *Places are limited I take only 12 monthly clients per month

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